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If you are interested in renting booth space at The Green Shag Market we ask that you come in the store and fill out an application.  This application will be placed in our que of other potential vendors.  Since The Green Shag Market is an eclectic shop we urge anyone interested to fill out an application. Whether you deal mostly in antique furniture or vintage toys or anywhere in between, you just may be the right fit for us.  When you fill out the application please make sure to give detail in the "types of merchandise" section since we use this section to determine if you are a good fit for our store.  If we believe you may be a great addition to our store we will ask to see photos of the type of merchandise that you currently have.  



Our standard booth space is 8' by 6'  but we do have a couple spaces that are smaller and a few larger ones.  If you are interested in the pricing just call the store (314) 646-8687

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